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    I's hard to know if all dogs understand at least some of the words we say.Even if they do,they can't talk back.Still it wouldn't hurt to sweet-talk your dog every now and then.You might just get a big,wet-kiss in return!

    1 From paragraph 2 we know that()

    A.animals are as clever as human beings

    B.dogs are smarter than parrots and chimpanzees

    C.chimpanzees have very good word-learning skills

    D.dogs have similar learning abilities as 3-year-old children

    2 Both experiments show that()

    A.Rico is smart enough to get all commands right

    B.Rico can recognize different things including toys

    C.Rico has developed the ability of learning mathematics

    D.Rico won't forget the names of objects once recognizing them

    3 Which of the following statements is true?()

    A.The purpose of the experiments is to show the border collie's mental


    B.Rico has a better memory partly because of its proper early training.

    C.The border collie is world-famous for recognizing objects.

    D.Rico is bon to understand its owner's commands.

    4 What does the writer want to tell us?()

    A.To train your dog.B.To talk to your dog

    C.To be friendly to your dog.D.To be careful with your dog.

    Passage Two

    Never go into a supermarket hungry!This is a good piece of advice.If you go shopping for food before lunchtime,you'll probably buy more than you plan to.

    Unfortunately,however,just this advice isn't enough for consumers these days.

    Modern shoppers need an education in how and how not to buy things at.the.store.

    First,you check the weekly newspaper ads.Find out the items that are on sale and decide if you really need these things.In other words,don't buy anything just because it's cheaper than usual!"New and Improved or"All Natural"on the front of a package influence you.Instead,read the list of ingredients(contents)on the back.Third,compare prices:that is,you should examine the prices ofboth different brands and different sizes of the same brand,

    Another suggestion for consumers is to buy ordinary items instead of famous brands.Ordinary items in supermarkets come in plain packages.These products are cheaper because producers don't spend much money on packing or advertising.The quality,however is usually as good as the quality of well-known name brands.In the same way,in buying eilothes,you can often find high quality and low prices in brands

    that are not famous Shopping in discount clothing stores can help you save a lot of

    money.Alfthough these stores aren't very attractive,and they usually do not have

    individuaf dressng rooms,not only are the prices low,but you can often find the same

    famous brands that you find in high-priced department stores.

    Wise consumers read magazine ads and watch TV commercials,but they do this

    with bne advantage:knowledge of the psychology behind the ads.In other words,well-informed consumers watch for information and check for misinformation.They

    ask themselves questions:Is the advertiser hiding something in small print at the bottom of the page?Is there any real information in the commercial,or is the advertiser simply showing an attractive image?With the answers to these questions,

    consumers can make a wise choice.

    5 All the following statements are true about the phrase"ordinary items"in

    Paragraph 2 except()

    A.ordinary items never say"New and Improved"or"All Natural"

    B.ordinary products are usually cheaper than famous brands

    C.producers spend less money on packaging of ordinary items

    D.the quality of ordinary items is usually as good as that of famous brands

    6、What does the writer think about ads?()

    A.They are believable.

    B.They are attractive.

    C.They are full of misinformation.

    D.They are helpful to consumers.

    7、One of the author's suggestions to consumers is()

    A.to make use of ads

    B.not to buy items with words like"New and Improved"or"All Naturall C.to buy high quality items such as famous brands after lunch

    D.to buy any ordinary items instead of famous brands

    8、The author implies that()

    A.going into the supermarket hungry,you may buy more than you plan to

    B.the quality of ordinary items is usually high and the prices are relatively low

    C.discount clothing stores are good places to go to

    D,ads sometimes don't tell the truth

    Passage Three

    In many urban centers throughout the world,vibrant waste recycling programs

    aren't just eco-minded niceties,but they serve an essential role in keeping

    communities clean and clutter-free.But thanks to one forward-thinking initiative in

    the Brazilian city of Jundiai,trading in trash has never been tastier.

    Ten years ago,the city's Municipal Uilities Department launched"Delicious Recycling",a program aimed at encouraging residents to get into the habit of collecting recyclable waste in exchange for fresh vegetables,grown locally in a public-run garden——and boy did it take off.Today,the garden boasts more than 30

    thousand plants to meef the demand of thousands of veggie-loving recyclers,turning aluminum cans and plastic bottles into edible greens.

    Utimately,the progran has done wonders for the health of the environment as well,by ridding the eity of improperly disposed waste.

    "What onee cluttered and even choked the flow of water from storm drains is today used as currency for healthy food,"local mayor Miguel Haddad tells Jundiai

    Online."Everybody wins with this."

    As innovative as Jundia's"Delicious Recycling"may seem,it's actually not the first of its kind,but given the program s success,it's no wonder why though a number of other Brazilian municipalities offer similar incentives to reward recyclers with food,the idea sems to be catching internationally—like in Mexico City,where residents recently exchanged trash for nearly three tons of vegetables!

    9、Waste recycling programs()

    A.are paid little attention to in many urban centers.

    B.help make communities clean and tidy.

    C.have nothing to do with the sanitation of communities.

    D.are inactive in many urban centers.

    10 The purpose of"Delicious Recycling"is()

    A.to teach residents how to make delicious food.

    B.to reward residents who do well in classifying rubbish.

    C.to encourage residents to trade recyclable waste for meat or vegetables.

    D.to encourage residents to trade recyclable waste for vegetables.

    1 According to local mayor Miguel Haddad,()

    A.water in storm drains is flowing more freely than before because the trash in it has been removed.

    B.water in storm drains can be exchanged for healthy food.

    C.water in storm drains is essential to the growing of fresh vegetables.

    D.there is more trash in storm drains now than there used to be.

    12 What can be inferred from the last paragraph?()

    A."Delicious Recyclinghas failed to achieve the desired result.

    B.There are no waste recycling programs in other Brazilian municipalities.

    C.Mexico City is probably imitating Jundiai's"Delicious Recycling".

    D.Waste recycling programs in other Brazilian municipalities are more successful than Jundia's"Delicious Recycling".

    Passage Four

    The greatest recent changes have been in the lives of women.During the

    twentieth century there was an unusual shortening of the time of a woman's life spent

    in caring for children.A woman marrying at the end of the 19th century would

    probably have been in her middle twenties,and would be likely to have seven or eight

    children,of whom four or five lived ti they were five years old.By the time the youngest was fifteen,the mother would have been in her early fifties and would

    expect to live a further twenty years,during which custom,chance and health made it unusual for her to get paid work.Today women marry younger and have fewer children.Usually a woman's youngest child will be fifteen when she is forty-five and is likely to take paid work until retirement at sixty.Even while she has the care of children her work is lightened by household appliances家用电器)and convenience f o o d s.

    This important change in women's way of life has only recently begun to have its

    full effect on women's economic position.Even a few years ago most girls left school

    at the first opportunity and most of them took a full-ime job.However,when they married,they usually left work at once and never returned to it.Today the school-leaving age is sixteen,many girls stay at school after that age,and though women tend to marry younger,more married women stay at work at least until shortly before their first child is born.Many more afer wads,return to full or part-time work.Such changes have led to a new relationship in marriage,with both husband and wife

    accepting a greater share of the duties and satisfaction of family life,and with both

    husband and wife sharing more equally in providing the money and running the home,according to the abilities and interest of each of them.

    13 We are told that in an average family about 1990()

    A.many children died before they were five

    B.the youngest child would be fifteen

    C.seven of eight children lived to be more than five

    D.four or five children died when they were five

    14、When she was over fifty,the late 19th century mother()

    A.would expect to work until she died

    B.was usually expected to take up paid employment

    C.would be healthy enough to take up paid employment

    D.was unlikely to find a job even if she is now likely

    15、Many girls,the passage says,are now likely to()

    A.marry so that they can get a job

    B.leave school as soon as they can

    C.give up their jobs for good after they are married

    D.continue working until they are going to have a baby

    16、According to the passage,it is now quite usual for women to

    A.stay at home after leaving school

    B.marry men younger than themselves

    C.start working again later in life

    D.marry while still at school

    Passage Five

    American cities are similar to other cities around the world.In every country,

    cities reflect the values of the culture.Cities contain the very best aspects of a society:

    opportunities for education,employment,and entertainment.They also contain the very worst parts of a society:xiolent crime,racial conflict,and poverty.American cities are changing,just as Armerican society is changing.

    After World War I,city residents became wealthier,more prosperous.They had more children.They needed more space.They moved out of their apartments in the

    city to buy their own hormes.They bought houses in the suburbs,areas near a city where people live.These are areas without many offices or factories.During the 1950s the American'dream"was to have a house in the suburbs.

    Now things are changing.The children of the people who left the cities in the 1950s are now adults.They,unlike their parents,want to live in the cities.Many young professionals,doctors,lawyers,and executives,are moving back into the city.Many are single;others are married,but often without children.They prefer the city to the suburbs because their jobs are there;they are afraid of the fuel shortage;or they

    just enjoy the excitement and opportunities which the city offers.A new class is moving into the city—a wealthier,more mobile class.

    Only a few years ago,people thought that the older American cities were dying.Some city residents now see a bright,new future.Others see only problems and conflicts.One thing is sure:Many dying cities are alive again.

    17、Paragraph 1().

    A.explains why American cities are changing

    B.is a description of cities

    C.shows that American cities have many problems

    D.says:American cities contain the very best aspects of a society

    18、In the 1950s the American"dream"was().

    A.to have a color TV set

    B.to have a big car

    C.to buy an apartment in the city

    D.to buy a new house in the suburbs

    19、In paragraph 3,the author gives()reasons why people want to live in cities.A.t w O




    20、According to the article,cities are()A.sick

    B.alive again



    Part IIVocabulary and Structure(40 Poins)

    Directions:There are a number of incomplete sentences in this

    part.For each sentence there are fore choices marked A.B.C.D.

    Choose the ONE answer that best completes.Then write the

    corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

    21、new teaching building in our school was completed inOctober of 2003,not in



    22、Interestingly,many people hold the belief that imports areto domestic

    g o o d s.

    A.contrary B.relevant C.superior D.essential

    23、The students are required to_the main ideas of the article in their own

    W o r d s.

    A,symbolize B.minimize C.synchronize D.summarize

    24 Scientists say it may be five or six years__it is possible to test this medicine

    on human patients.

    A.since B.after C.before D.w h e n

    25、He didn't tell me where he had spent his holidays.to know.

    A.Neither I cared B.Neither did I care

    C.I didn't care D.Not did I care

    26、—Is there a basketball match between the Lakers and the Huston Rockets this evening?

    —There__be.I'll phone the gym and find it out.

    A.might B.would C.m u s t D.c a n

    27 Not only I but also Jane and Mary worn out after having one examination

    after another.

    A.i s B.a r e C.am D.be

    28 You can't imagine what difficulty that deserted cats will have_through the frozen winter.

    A.lived B.living C.to live D.been living

    29 Many drivers stood in line in the gas station all the night,as__came __the

    price of oil would go up.

    A.words;that B.word;which C.a word;that D.word;that

    30-John,would you lend me some money?

    -Unless youto pay the money back within six months.

    A.understand B.undertake C.underplay D.underline

    31 It_me three years to draw the beautiful horses.A.took B.paid C.spent D.cost

    32 He insured his carhe had an accident.

    A.u n l e s s B.I f C.S i n c e D.i n c a s e

    33-When were your legs injured?-It was one Sanday last month ___my

    father and I spend at the seaside.

    A.that B.when C.as D.while

    34-You were so brave.It__great courage to raise objections at the meeting.

    -Well,but now I regret having done so.It might_ me a good chance to get a

    r 1 S e.

    A.took;took B.needed;cost took;cost D.cost;cost

    35 When it_to the lastest researches into heart disease,I haven't the slightest


    A.talks B.speaks C.t e l l s D,comes

    36 Americans eat__vegetables per person today as they did in 1910.

    A.more than twice B.as twice as many

    C.twice as many as D.more than twice as many

    37 Police arethe disappearance of two children.A.lookngup B.looking through

    C.looking into D.looking on

    38 adark night,they took the sick boy to the hospital.And after an hour's

    curing,the boy was out of danger.

    A.O n B.A t C.W i t h D.I n

    39 It is important toour awareness about environmental protection.A.improveB.raise C.f o r m D.m a k e

    40 Itis from the sun___ we get light and heat_?

    A.which,aren't we B.where,hasn't it

    C.in which,doesn't it D.that isn'tit

    41 His intelligence will him to get a scholarship to college.A.enableB.persuade C.suggest D.employ

    42 Miss White has decided to explore in the forest by herself.

    —Sheask her boyfriend to if she_ go walking in the forest.

    A.needn't to;dares to B.doesn't need;dares

    C.need not to;dare to D.needn't;dare

    43—It's said that you went to Macao last year.

    A.So I did B.So didI C.So you did D.You did so

    44 Although he is very busy at his business he every moming with his wife

    no matter what the weather is like.

    A.manages to take exercise B.manages to have sports

    C.manages to do sports D.all the above

    45 The seller would sell the shirt for ten yuan,but the customer eight yuan.A.s o l d B.o f f e r e d C.chargedD.Asked

    46 You should help them when your friends quarrel with each ofther.

    A.come into sight B.come to terms

    C.come into play D.come to power

    47 Washing the food down with water as a substitute chewing is not a good


    A.o f B.F o r C.T o D.f r o m

    48—My sons are not a little restless.

    一Oh?Boys _ _ be boys.

    A.s h o u l d B.c a n C.m a y D.will

    49—Is_,you think,no doubt that she willtun up on time?

    —She promised to come on time last Friday.

    A.t h e r e B.i t C.s h e D.t h a t

    50 The conclusion from the study isnot definite;it is just

    A.tentative B.vafid C.technical D.thorough

    51—Has anything new been discussed in the old temple so far?

    —_,and more will follow I think.

    A.FewB.Much e.All D.Little

    52 As far as Ikaow,hepuled through all kinds of hardships_length.A.a t B,i n C.o n D.b y

    53 Very few people nderstood this contract,_was very obscure.

    A.the language B.the language of which

    C.allitsaid D.which it had said

    54The day for the sports meet___,they set out to get everything ready for the

    coming event.

    A.fixed B.fixing C.had been fixed D.had been fixing

    55 It seems water__from this tap for some time.We'll have to take it apart to put it right.

    A.had leaked B.is leaking

    C.leaked D.has been leaking

    56 The eyes need several minutes__to the darkness.

    A.adjust B,adoptC.apply D.descend

    57—Lucy doesn't seem to be what she was.

    —No._so much in the war has made her more thoughtful.

    A.Seen B.Her seeing C.Having seenD.To have seen 58 There is something wrong with my mobile phone.I rmust have it

    A.repair B.to repair

    C.repairing D.repaired

    59 Honesty seems never to be rathertoday.A.of a discount B.in a discount C.at a discount D.with a discount/

    60 The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once__ with each

    o t h e r.

    A.they had quarreled

    B.they have quarreled

    C.have they quarreled

    D.had they quarreled

    Part I I Cloze(20 points)

    Directions:There are 20 blanks in the following passage.For each

    blank there are four choices marked A.B.C and D.You should

    choose the ONE that best fits into the passage.Then write the corresponding ietter on the Answer Sheet.

    In a telephone survey of more than 2,000 adults,21%said they believed the SUN revolved(旋转))around the earth.an 617%did not know which revolved around 62.I have no doubt that 63 all of these people were 64 in school that the earth revolves around the sun;65 may even have written it 66 at test.but they never 67 their incorrect mental models of planetary行星的)68 because their every day

    observations didn't support 69 thein teachers told them:people see the sun moving 70 the sky as morning turns to night and the earth seems stationary静止的)71 that is happening.students can learn the right answers 72 heart in class,and yet never

    combined them 73 their working models of the world.the objectively correct answer

    the professor accepts and the 74 personal understanding of the world can 75 side by

    side,each unaffected by the other.

    Outside of class,the student continues to use the 76 model because it has always worked well 77 that circumstance.Unless professors address 78 errors in students'

    personalmodels of the world,students are not 79 to replace them with the 80 one.










    b.extra c.additionald.added

    b.which c.that d.other

    b.remarkably c.ideally d.preferably

    b.suggested c.taught d.advised

    b.these c.who d.they

    b.with c.under d.for

    b.altered c.believed d.thought

    b.position c.motion d.location

    b.which c.t h a t d.w h a t

    70.a.around b.across C.O n d.above

    71.a.since.sO c.while d.for

    72.a.to b.by C.I n d.with

    73.a.with b.into c.t o d.along

    74.a.adult's b.teacher's c.scientist's d.student's

    75.a.exist.occur c.survived.maintain

    76.a.private b.individual c.personal d.own

    77.a.in b.with C.O n d.for

    78.a.general b.natural c.similar d.specific

    79.a.obliged b.likely c.probable d.partial

    80.a.perfect b.better c.reasonable d.Correct

    Part IV Translation(30 points)

    Section A:put the following sentences into Chinese and write your answers on the Answer Sheet.

    81 Although at times learning a language was frustrating,it was well worth the effort.

    82 Also,after a few weeks of classes,I noticed there were many students who spoke

    much better than I did.

    83 I practiced all the time.

    84 And when I came home on leave,he saw to it that I visited his offce.

    85 Don't make any huge changes;just be yourself.

    Section B:Put the following sentences into English and write you answer on the Answer Sheet,






    Part V Writing(20 point)
















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