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    I.Directions:In this scection.there are 4 passages followed by five questions,you should choose the most appropriate answer to each with four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D or complete the statements in the fewest possible

    words.(2-20=40 points)

    Passage One

    Every day we go to schol and listen to the teacher,and the teacher il sk us some

    questions.Sometines,the classmates wi skyour opinions ofthe work ofthe class.When


    they must be able to hear what you are saying.

    You are not taking part in a family conversation or having a chat with friends,1)you are in a slightly unnatural situation where a large group of people will remain silent,waiting

    to hear what you have to say You must speak so that they can hear you loudly enough and clearly enough but without trying to shout or appearing to force yourself.

    Remember,too,that it is the same if you are called to an interview whether it is with a

    professor of your sclool or a government official who might meet you.The person you are seeing willty to put you at your ease but the situation is somewhat different from that of an ordinary conversation.You must take special care that you can be heard.

    1.Whenyou speak to the class,you should speak

    A.as loudly as possible B.in a low voice C.loudly D.forcefully

    2Usually,whenyou speaktotheclass,theclassis

    A.noisy B.quiet C.having a rest D.serious

    3.The situation in the class is that in your house.

    A.not very different from B.sometimes the same as

    C.sometimes not the same as,not the same as

    4.If you are having a convcrsation with an ofTicial,the most important thing for you is

    A.to show your ability B.to be very gentlc

    C.to make sure that you can be heard ID.to put the official at casc

    A.that we must usc difTerent ways nt difTcrent situntions

    B.that we must spenk loudly

    C.that we must kecp silent at any time

    D.that wc must talk with the clnss

    Passage Two

    (2)Tea drinking wasconmon in China fornearly one thousand years becfore anyone in

    Europe had ever heard about tea.People in Britain were much slower in finding otwhat tea

    fashionable curiosity.Some ofthem were not sure how to use it They thought it was a

    vegetable and tried cooking the leaves.Then they served them mixed with buter and salt.

    3)They soon discovered their nistake but many people used to spread the used tea leaves

    on bread and give them to their children as sandwiches.

    Tearemained scarce稀有的)andvery expensiveinEnglanduntilthcshipsofthe East India Company began to bring it direct from China ealy in the seventeenth century.During the next few years so much tea came into the country that the price fell and many people

    could afford to buy it.

    At the same time people on the Continent were becoming more and more fond of tea.

    Until then tea had been drunk without nik in it,but one day a famous French lady named

    Madame de Sevigne decided to see what tea tasted like when milk was added.She found it so pleasant that she would neveragain drink it without milk.Because she was such a great lady thatherfriendsthoughttheymust copy everythingshedid,theyalsodranktheirteawithmilk init.SlowlythishabitspeadmtiltreachedEnglandandtodayonlyvery few Britons drink tea without milk.

    At first,tea was usualy drunk after diner in the evening.No one ever thought of drinkingteanheatermonuniladuchess(公爵夫人foundthatacupofteaandapieceof cake at threo four oclock stopped her getig"a sinking eeling"as she calle it.She ivitedherfiendstohavetisnewmealwithherandso,teatimewasbon.

    6.Which ofthefollowingistrueaccordingtothetext?

    A.the Britons got expensive tea from India.

    B.Tea reached Britain from Holland.

    C.the Britons were the first people in Europe who drank tea.

    D.It was not until the 17th century that the Britons had tea.

    7.This passage mainly discusses

    A.the history oftea drinking in Britain

    B.howteabecameapopulardrinkin Britain

    C.how the Britons got the habit of drinking tea

    D.how teatime was born


    A.in the cighteenth century B.in the sixteenth century

    C.in the seventcenth century D.in the latc sevententh century

    9.People in Europe bcgan to drink tca with milk bcecausc A.it tasted like milk

    B.it tasted more pleasant


    D.MadamedeSevigncewassuchaladywithgreatsocialinfluencethatpecopleriedto copy thewaysne aranktea

    10.We may infer from the passage that the habit of drinking tea in Bitain was mostly due to ne nIuence ot

    A.a famous French lady

    C.theupper socialclass

    B.the ancient Chinese

    D.people in Holland

    Passage Three

    To us it seems so natural to put up an umbrella to keep the water off when it rains.But

    actually the umbrella was not invented as proteetion against rain.It was first used as a shade

    against the sun.

    Nobody knows who first invented it but the umbrella was used in very ancient times.Probably the first to use it were the Chinese,way back in the eleventh century B.c.

    We know that the umbrella was also used in ancient Egypt and Babylon as a sunshade.And there was a strange thing eonnected with its use;it became a symbol of honor and

    authority.In the Far East in ancient times,the umbrella was allowed to he used only by royal

    people or by those in high office.

    n Europe,the Greeks were the first to use the umbrella as a sunshade.And the umbrella was in common use in aneient Greece.But it is believed that the first persons in Europe to use

    the umbrellas as protection against the rain were the ancient Romans.

    During the Middle Ages,the use of the umbrella practically disappeared.Then it appeared agan in Italy in 16 century.And again it became a symbol of power and authority.

    Umbreas have not changed much in style during all this time,though they have become nuch lighter in weight.(4)It wasn't until the twentieth century that women's umbrellas began

    to be made in a variety of colors

    1/The first use of umbrelta was as.

    A.protection against rain B.a shade against the sun

    C.a symbol of power D.a symbol of honor



    B.G r e e k s

    D.E u r o p e a n s

    13.The urmbrella was used only by royal people or those in high office

    A.in European in the eighteenth century

    B.In ancient Egvpt and Babylon

    C.in the Far East in arcient times

    D.during the Middle Ages


    A.Women enjoyusingumbrlawitvarieskindsofcoloro

    B.The inventor ofthe umbrella is unknown

    C.Once ordinarypcplehad norightouseumbrllas


    A.When Was the Umbrela Invented

    B.The Role of Umbrella in History

    C.The Colors and Shapes ofUmbrella D Who Needed Umbrella First

    Passage Four

    5Each ear millins ofpeople sfr from the efct ofalcohol and dug aouse


    IntheUnitedStatesalone,10to 12millionmen andwomen andtheirloved ones and


    lost productivity.

    In Canada,it is said,"Alcohol inereaes business-for hospitals ambulance drvers,doctors,and nurses."Alcohol abuse and daungerous drugs have swept through Europe.Soviet

    culture,too,is paying enormous social and economic costs.

    Developing nations are bothered by drug problems-both ancient and modern.In this part

    of the world hundreds of millions request doctor to ease their miseries and problems in life.These methods of coping are unhealthy solutions!It is time we understood why and

    found the way out of today's greatest social problem surrounding this supposedly advanced 20th century.

    16.This passage is primarily about

    A.the worldwidedrug and alcohol abuse

    B.the greatest social problem in Europe

    C.the methods bf coping with alcohol abuse

    D.the enormous cost in health and in lost productivity

    17.How many people in the United States have suffered from alcohol abuse?

    A.About 5%~6%of the whole population.

    B.Abput one fourth of the population.

    C.10 to 12 million people and their families.

    D.Hundreds of millions.

    18.Which of the following Statements is NOT true?

    A.Alcohol and drug abuse is becoming a burning question.

    B.The author suggests that the public cope with alcohol and drug aouse.

    C.The alcohol abuse has damaged health.

    D.Addicting agents come into being to treat the addicts.

    19.The author strongly implies that the public should

    A.reveal the relationship of heavy drinking and illness

    B.help drug users to ease their miseries

    C.t a k e m e a s u r e s t o i m n r o y e a l e o h 1 t:

    D.seek for proper solutions to drug problems in time

    20.According to the author,the drug abuse problem in Soviect Union

    A.is costing more money than in Europe

    B.cannot be solved because it cost too much money

    C.becomes a threat to society

    D.is also severe

    II.Directions:there are 40 incomplete sentences in this part.For each sestence

    there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.choose the answer that best completes the sentence.(1*40=40points)

    1.is known to all,haste makes waste.

    to be one of kA ondon's reDat.sWhich

    A.told B.regarded C.claimed D.required

    A.improved B.should improve

    C.should be improved D.were improved

    5.No one,except his two best friends,where he is.

    A.know B.to know C.knows D.knowing

    6.So badly in the accident that He was sent to the hospital for treatment.

    A.he was injured B.he injured

    C.was he injured D.injured he

    7.The brilliance of his satires was make even his victims laugh.

    A.so as to B.such as to C.so that D.such that

    8.When I an in trouble,my friends will give me their hands without hesitation.

    A.s o m e B.a C.any D.t h e

    9.do we go for picnics.

    A.Certainly B.Sometimes C.Seldom D.O n c e

    10.Some of the students in his class seem to do their assignments.

    A.boring B.interesting C.tiring D.unwilling

    11.Your hair needs,you'd better have it done tomorrow.

    A.e u t B.to cut C.cutting D.being cut

    12.He cannot a car,for he doesn't earn that much money.

    A.obtain B.g e t C.deserve D.afford

    3,Ifthere wereno homeworkatweekends,studentswouldhave at home.

    A.the happiest time B.much happiest time

    C.a more happier time D.a much happier time

    14."don't like to travel.""Have you ever in an airplane?

    A.flying B.flew C.flowed D.flown

    s cTdy is very cold.isn't i?"“Yes,the river is _ over."

    A.freezed B.freeze C.f r o z e n D.freezing

    16.All the in the hospital got a rise last month.

    A.women doctors B.women doctor

    C.woman doctors D.woman doctor

    17.That is the very old woman house was burned down last night.

    A.w h i c h B.her C.of whom D.whose

    1 8.a fine day,we decided to go out for a picnic.

    A.Having been B.B e i n g C.W h a t D.It being

    19.To our surprise,the fashionable young lady we met in the hotel.to be a thier!

    A.turned up B.turned over C.turned down D.turned out

    20.The engineer soon.that something had gone wrong with the project.

    A.remembered B.realized C.recognized D.memorized

    21.Frankly,I'd rather you anything about it for the time being,

    A.d o B.don't do C.didn't doD.wilnot ado

    22.Much our relief,he survived the severe earthquake.

    A.t o B.i n C.for D.with

    23.The modern machine proved in heart surgery,

    A.high valuable B.highly valuable C.valuable high D.valuable highly

    24.Mr.Johnson and his daughter do not always understand each other.

    A.o l d e r B.the oldest C.eldest D.the eldest

    25.Many a girl wants to become

    A.some secretary B.a secretary C,secretary D.secretaries

    26.It's pay-day,and they're waiting

    A.for paying B.to be paid C.to be paying D.to have paid

    27.If you don't mind,I do y homework than play cards wit you.

    A.had better B.would ratherC.prefer D.would like

    28.Excuse me for you with such a small matter.

    A.troubling B.taking C.interrupting D.making

    29.This morning our water supply was because of the cold weather.

    A.let down B.cut off C.taken upD.brought away

    30.The market was filed with salted fish,the worst smell that you can


    A.sending off B.giving up C.sending down D.giving off

    31.Tom likes foreign coins.

    A.gathering B.assembling C.collecting D.accumulating

    32.Luckily,most sheep the flood last month.

    A.endured B.survived C.opinion D.passed

    3I'm reading a new book these days,in English.

    A.i t B.that C.one D.which

    34.I don't think Jim saw me;he into space.

    A.just stared B.was just staring C.has just stared D.had just stared

    35.Canada is larger than country in Asia.

    A.any B.any other C.other D.another

    36.-Could I borrow your dictionary?

    -Yes,of course you


    37.There comes the bus,

    A doesn'tthere

    h e w e n t t o

    b e


    39.A great celebration is

    A.in spite of

    40.They often _

    A.learn from

    eourpcashsaogices*rk0n..cnwd D.Vou shoulchosctheonethabes

    Tourism has become a very big_.For Spain,taly and Grece isthe largest 2

    of foreign exchange,and 3 for Britain,it is the fourth.Faced 4_ this huge new

    income,nogovernmentcanaffordtolook 5_onthebusiness;questionsofhotelbath

    rooms,beachumbrellasandice-creamsalesarenow__6 byministersoftourismwith

    solemn expertise.Before the Second World War the touris industry was widely __ as

    being unmanly and stupid.But __8_ has become a new industry,as trade business used

    9_;in Spain,taly,Grece and much ofEastern Europe,new road _10___have opened

    up in the country,first to tourists,and _ 11_to industry and locals.

    12_ of tourism is a nationalized ingdustry,a 13_part of national planning.In a place west of

    Marseiles,terenchgovernmentiskilingmosquitoesand 14_ sixbigvacationplaces

    to 5 nearly a miliontoufists In Eastem Europe,a whole new seaside _16 has

    20 to nearly two milin astyear.




    4A.in front of





    9.A.be done









    B.a t





















    C.to do






    D.c a u s e



    D.d o w n




    D.to doing







    16.A.civilization 17.A.over

    18.A.suffered 19.A.added 20.A.since





    B.l o s t



    C.to be built


    .hold writing after invested reduced


    D.have built

    D.contain D.b o o k D.beyond


    D.multiplied D.after

    IV.Directions:In this part,there are ten sentences which you should translate from English into Chinese or from Chinese into English.(3*10-30 points)

    Part A:Translate the following sentences into Chinese.These sentences are from the reading passages in Part I.You can refer back to the pasges so as to identiy

    their meaning in the context.

    1.You are in a slightlyunnatural situation where a large group ofpeople will remain

    silent,waiting to hear what you have to say.

    2.Tea drinkingwascommon in China fornearty onethousandyearsbefore anyone in Europe had ever heard about tea.

    3.They soon discovered their mistake but mamry people used to spread the used

    leaves on bread and give them to their children as sandwiches.

    4.It wasn'until the twenticth century that women's umbrells began to be made variety of colors.

    5.Each year millions ofpeople suffer from the effect ofalcohol and drug abuse,getting into illness,crime and death.

    Part B:Translate the following sentences into Eagllsh.






    .Directions:For this part you are required to write a composition on the topic"Study and Sports".You should write 100—120 words.(20 points)













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